Registration & Breakfast

8:30 A


Location: WRC




Location: Education/KIVA 211

Welcome and Keynote Address from: Zaira Livier


SESSION 1                              

Location: Student union, santa cruz room

This presentation covers the topic of consent, what it is, what it looks like and what is the University of Arizona’s definition of consent. Additionally this presentation covers if consent can be given if alcohol is present, which can be quite a grey area. This presentation is recommended for student groups or organizations that would like an introduction to addressing sexual violence within their community.

Consent 101


Location: nugent, 2nd floor

The purpose of this workshop is to start a conversation around what members in the ISRC are fighting for and affirm those who have always continued to fight. We are also creating a space to affirm the work that many women of color have led and continue to lead within the center, our communities and beyond. Within this space we encourage participants to explore creative writing skills and to construct any form of written expression. This includes but is not limited to poems, spoken word and journaling.

Creating HERstories: affirming, reestablishing and reinforcing powerful women in all spaces

Immigrant Student Resource Center



Location: student union, san pedro room

"(Dis)Ability and Intersectional Living" will examine the Disability Rights Movement, common micro-aggressions that disabled people experience, living at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities, and the ways disabled people today are fighting for their rights. Folks who are interested in learning more about the fight for disability justice, those who want to learn more about disabled communities, and people who want to put theory into action will enjoy this session.

(Dis)ability and intersectional living

Alisha Vasquez

Location: Student Union: WRC

This session invites participants to explore self-care as an act of self-preservation. Participants will engage in a dialogue about self-care and why its seen as political in our current world. Participants will be presented strategies for defining ones’ own art of self-care, and incorporating it into their daily practice.

The Politics of Self-Care as Love

Brenda Anderson


Session II                                

Location: student union, San Pedro Room

A workshop on Tucson BLM and the Community Bail Fund

Black Lives Matter

Najima Rainey


Location: Nugent, 2nd floor

A conversation of realization, introspection, and the will to change. Unlearning toxic masculinity, men’s work, and an opportunity to experience our full potential to be human.


Obsidian Butterfly

Chucho Ruiz

Location: Nugent, 2nd floor

Participants will join in on a non-judgmental space and discussion of bodies, beauty, and identity.  This interactive workshop will explore how we can create the capacity for our own body positivity, self-love, self-acceptance, and the impact of recognizing that all bodies are good bodies.

Body Positivity: Towards a path of self-love and radical self-acceptance

Paula MaEz

Location: Student union: Santa Cruz

This interactive workshop will explore the relationship between whiteness and gender, a brief intro to intersectional feminist organizing, and share some tools for increasing resiliency and decreasing white fragility while moving towards an intersectional feminist agenda. This workshop is open to all participants, and is designed for feminists of all genders who experience white privilege.

From White feminism to intersectional feminism

Leah Jo Carnine


LUNCH                                                                                          12:30-1:30

                                      Location: nugent, 2nd floor


Session III

Location: Student Union, San Pedro

The goal of this workshop is to unpack and share roadblocks that Asian womyn face around visibility in society. We hope to touch on stereotypes, the Bamboo Ceiling, and the Model Minority.

The voices of the unheard

Natalie Fajardo & Allymyr Flores Atrero

Location: nugent, 2nd floor

In light of the recent explosion of womxn (and some men) who are coming forward with their personal experiences of sexual assault and harassment under the #MeToo movement, many have asked the question, “Why have these individuals remained silent for so long?” Artist, Community Organizer/Activist, and Sexual Assault Survivor, Leilani Clark, will break down and demystify the term Rape Culture, aka the normalization and silencing of rape and sexual assault, and how it is upheld within our institutions, social and cultural norms, and internal psyches.

Attendees who would benefit include sexual assault survivors, advocates and supporters.

The Strength to say #metoo

Leilani Clark


Location: student union, wrc

Yoga is often defined as "union," but it really is about the re-unification of our embodied selves with all that might want to sever us from full inhabitation of those physical beings: criticisms of what we look like, how we behave, life choices we've made... It is the re-meeting of our narratives of "me"-ness (whether instituted by self or society) with the core of who each of us is: a being with expansive, unbounded potential to heal and empower those around us as we have healed ourselves; to act in the world as a Bodhisattva warrior: one who cultivates self-compassion, self-honesty, clear seeing and truth-telling for the betterment of all. This session invites participants of all ages, sizes, identity orientations and lifestyles to step on the path of the Bodhisattva warrior by caring for our own, tender, fierce bodies first: cultivating moments of ease and joy in the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, breathing to settle and heal the nervous system, and moving gently to begin to re-connect with the fire and strength of the awakened heart of the Bodhisattva warrior.

Healing the Heart of the Bodhisattva Warrior: Yoga for Everyday Liberation

Leah Stauber

Location: nugent, 2nd floor

This workshop is for folks who are new to concepts of gender identity, gender expression and/or pronouns, and would like to spend time working through these concepts. For those with some familiarity already, we will move beyond the gender binary. The goals of this workshop are to develop foundational knowledge about gender, build awareness around the use of pronouns, and build skills for practicing inclusivity in daily life.

Gender 101: What the hell are Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Pronouns?


Location: student union: Santa Cruz Room


Coming Soon

Amy juan



Session IV

Location: student union, San Pedro room

Never had a chance to talk about sex education? Haven’t had a chance to talk about queer sex? Have a question that you’ve been afraid to ask but really want to know the answer to? Then Queer Sex Ed is the opportunity to ask away! This workshop will have a heavy focus on dialogue and audience participation through anonymous questions related to sex, relationships, bodies, identities and all of the things that make-up the queer sex! Join Miss Jai as we explore how we can talk openly and honestly about the sex we have (or don’t have) and how to navigate those spaces with a partner (or partners). This workshop is not exclusive to gender or sexual minorities, but the focus will be on queerness in its many forms! Hope to see ya there!

Sex Ed

Miss Jai

Location: nugent, 2nd floor

Storytelling is a resistive way of speaking our truths, understanding ourselves and understanding one another because the unnatural world has sought to mislabel and undermine storytelling as an invalid form of communication. This workshop seeks to reclaim this practice to relearn how to be present with one another, listen, truth tell, take back community power and center our personal and collective healing.

Folks attending Leilani’s workshop and/or folks who are interested in taking the #MeToo framework and giving it life with your story. Stephanie uses storytelling as a healing modality to deepen our connections with one another during a time when we must have each other backs.

Taking Back Our Experiences; Storytelling as a Liberatory Practice

Stephanie Noriega

Location: student union, WRC

Bike Mechanics with BICAS!

Hands on WTF BICAS workshop will go over fixing a flat, the ABC’s (air, brakes and chain), bicycle safety and how to properly lock your bike.

"I would rather do it myself" 


Location: nugent, 2nd floor

Participants will join in discussion of critical topics impacting our communities. Learning, dialoguing and processing information through the lens of spoken word poetry supports participants in developing their artistry as part of a global community using art to make change. Open to all participants regardless of experience. Participants will be writing, editing and sharing original works.

Art and activism: Poetry as voice

Sarah Gonzalez



                                                         Location: Education/kiva 211